“Window to the World”

In 2014, SMC Japan was established in the city of Yokohama where we opened the country to the world in the 19th century.

Our backbone since the start, we continue to cherish customer orientation by offering over our years in Food production, sales and R&D.

We have 3 factories in each nation Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand that would allow us to fully utilize their strengths, and offer exactly what customers want. As a business strategy, we will provide not only called “Preparation” but also food materials that can take advantage in terms of pricing and procurement.

In the present situation, everyone in the food market depends on consumer trust which require high level of quality, cost and delivery control.
Our goals are to further respond to customer expectations by providing quality, competitive price and flexible service.

Since the establishment of SMC Japan, we have been striving to be the link of the bridge to the world for our customers.

Managing Director
Shinji Niwa